How does it work?

Choose to receive your order in RePack

Choose RePack as the packaging option in the check-out. Cost for RePack is 2€.


How to return the empty RePack

RePack is a reusable packaging, but for this to work, we need your help!

Once you have received your goods, simply fold the return flap outside and close the packaging. Drop RePack to your nearest mailbox. Return is already paid for. This way we can keep the party going!


Reduce single-use waste

By choosing a more sustainable packaging, you can help us save up to 80% of CO2 emissions compared to single-use waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to return your purchase?

Received your order but not entirely to your expectations? You can return your Fabienne Chapot items as usual in the Repack packaging. This way we can re-use the RePack packaging. Please follow the return instructions below:

  • Go to or scan the QR code on the packing list. Follow the return instructions and create your return label.
  • Place the return form in the RePack along with the item(s) you wish to return. Close the RePack and secure with tape.
  • Remember to fold the return label of the RePack to the inside. Attach the return label from Fabienne Chapot on top of the RePack and remove all other previous shipping labels on the package.
  • Important! Make sure the RePack return label is not visible when you return the purchase. In this case, your return will be sent incorrectly and this will delay the processing of your return.
  • Take the RePack containing your FC items to the nearest postal point.

When returning, you do not receive a refund for the RePack.

How to return the empty RePack

Returning your empty RePack is easy! Turn the attached address label saying "Reply paid" visible on top of the package, close it with the included velcro and drop it into your nearest mailbox.

When returning, you do not receive a refund for the RePack.

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