Our goal is to empower those who wear our garments. Our design philosophy revolves around bold, impassioned ideas, embracing the potency of color and print. We aim to offer our customers the chance to express their authentic selves through enduring, wearable, and distinctive designs.

— Fabienne Chapot

Crafts(wo)manship & DESIGN

We value artistry and craftsmanship. We try to include this as much as possible in our production chain. All of our prints are made inhouse. They always start with a pen or a brush.


As a fashion brand in today’s world, we feel a significant responsibility for the impact, actions and choices made at Fabienne Chapot. While our journey of sustainable improvement is never-ending, we’re taking ownership through education, awareness and tangible guidelines.


At Fabienne Chapot, people are one of te most important factors for us. They infuse our brand with life and color, inspiring us to celebrate everyday. From customers to collaborators, each person shapes our journey, guiding us forward with their feedback and support. In our world, people are more than consumers – they are cherished companions, essential to our story and our success.

Our founder

A note from Fabienne

"Ever since founding my first company 2006, our brand has remained rooted in positivity and distinctly feminine designs. I’m proud of our heritage and the stories we've shared so far - and this is only the beginning. My hope is that we continue to spread positivity and inspire women everywhere to feel empowered, while always staying true to our uplifting DNA."

Where it all began


Based in Amsterdam's vibrant city center along the canals, our headquarters inspire creativity with their rich history. Crafting two collections annually, each comprising five chapters, we're renowned for our handmade prints and vibrant colors. Fabienne founded our brand, initially focusing on accessories in 2006 under the name Fab. Evolving in 2016 to include ready-to-wear, our bold and colorful aesthetic remains central to our identity.

A chapter launch every month


Every year we launch 2 collections. This contains a Spring/Summer collection and a Autumn/Winter collection. These 2 collections consist each of 6 chapters. We launch a chapter at the start of each month, consisting of pieces we truly believe are lifelong investments.

archive sale & sample sale


Explore rare finds and timeless classics from Fabienne Chapot's past collections. Join the community of fashion enthusiasts and uncover exclusive pieces that add a touch of our brand's heritage to your wardrobe.

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boutiques & outlets


Looking for timeless statement looks that brighten up your wardrobe? We can’t wait to meet you at one of our eleven boutiques! Our top stylists are happy to guide you through our beautiful collections while you enjoy a glass of bubbles! 

b2b partners


In the world of Fabienne Chapot, our wholesale partners are essential allies. Together, we expand the reach of our brand, sharing its vibrant spirit with diverse communities worldwide. Together, we celebrate the fusion of our strengths, creating impactful connections that bring joy and inspiration to customers everywhere.