How to keep your gorgeous knits soft 

Layer up with our gorgeous new knitwear. It’s time to beat the chill and wrap yourself in styles that make you welcome the cold. From chunky cable knits to prints and staple colours, we’ve got you covered.

Found your favourite knit? We will learn you how you keep it beautiful and soft to enjoy for years ahead.

It's so fluffy 

For our knitwear we use different types of fabrics and mixes of wool. Wool is a beautiful natural fiber. It has always been a delicate material to clean. With a few simple tips, we leave those horror stories about shrinking behind and learn how to keep our woolen items beautiful for years to come.

Know how to wash, and when

Wool has actually many benefits as you don’t need to wash wool too often. The fabric is naturally stain-resistant, odour-resistant, and also crease-resistant, so it requires less washing. This means that caring for wool is both easy and gentle for the planet. The best treatment for your woolen items is washing them cold by hand. If you prefer to use the washing machine, we recommend washing at low temperatures and using a neutral, mild detergent that is preferably Woolmark recommended. Make sure that you dry it on a flat surface. 

Fold me, hold me

Not wearing your favourite knit for a while? Do not hang it in your closet. Hanging will cause knits to stretch out. It is best to keep your cardigans and pullovers folded or rolled up in your closet. 

Take good care your your knits with these little tips and tricks and make sure you can enjoy your knits for years to come. 

Paris Cardigan

One of our favourite knits this season is the Paris Cardigan. It is made of a rich variation of fabrics. A combination of wool and cotton makes the cardigan breathable. For a cardigan to make it to your absolute favourites it needs to feel comfy and not itchy. This cardigan is that and more. The 2% of spandex gives the cardigan a little more stretch, and the chunky cable knit with beautiful embroidered details and gold-coloured buttons make it a real eyecatcher.

Because of the wool mix, you don’t have to wash the Paris cardigan very often. If it’s time to wash, you can easily wash it cold by hand or use the washing machine with a wool program.

"Take good care of your knits to make sure you can enjoy them for years to come."

Add some confetti

Throw a party wherever you go with the Confetti Pullover and Cardigan! This chunky knit is made from a beautiful mixture of fabrics. Its main fabric is organic cotton which consists of natural and breathable fiber, making it very pleasant to wear.

Pick your favourite Confetti pieces and complete the look with the Bobo Skirt and Hippie Boots and go on that sunny, crisp morning walk.

It is important to wash it cold by hand or in the washing machine on a wool program. We don’t recommend the tumble dryer for cotton items. A better option is to let it dry flat after washing. This will make sure that the cardigan holds its original shape.