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Our boldly feminine story

Fabienne Chapot is the founder and CEO of fashion label Fabienne Chapot. Her eponymous brand has been making waves since 2016’s first ready-to-wear line came out and is one of Amsterdam’s most talked about new clothing lines. The brand stands for ‘Boldly Feminine’ and its signature style is an outspoken, but highly feminine mix of colours, prints and imaginative details.

Fabienne Chapot’s story begins in a small town near The Hague where she was born in 1981 to a family of entrepreneurs - from whom she inherited a sharp sense of commerce and enterprise. After moving to Amsterdam to study Communication Design, she started her career at an advertising agency. However, she quickly felt she wasn’t cut out for a ‘normal’ office job.

Chapot decided to jump into the unknown and with a latent plan to set up her own business, she left the Netherlands for Bali with the intention to get inspired. And she was... Bali’s visual style, colours and patterns left a lasting impression, as did the local artisans and the craftspeople. This led Chapot to see a gap in the market upon her return - namely colour. At that moment, the retail environment and products on offer were predominantly minimalist in style and dark in tone

Her hunch about the gap in the market was right, and in 2006 a call came from Bijenkorf, the Netherlands’ premier retailer, with a substantial order for her bags and purses - and her success was cemented. Quite an achievement as Chapot was still only twenty-five and was working purely intuitively.

The following years were a whirlwind of scaling up and growing the business so that supply could fulfil demand, whilst keeping the original style and values intact.

In 2016, Chapot made another brave and quite radical step. She rebranded her company and continued under her own name: Fabienne Chapot. She took with her the colourful DNA from FAB - but reimagined the style in a whole new and more sophisticated way. The new label added a ready-to-wear line completed with shoes and accessories, and a lifestyle line in the making.

Opening an Amsterdam boutique and producing spectacular fashion shows has helped the nascent brand to capture zeitgeist again. And also women’s imagination, as they love the brand’s outspoken use of colour and print and its ‘Boldly Feminine’ attitude. Chapot attributes her success in business down to a strong belief in team spirit, loyalty and working very closely with employees, suppliers and collaborators.

To reinvent the brand so completely – and so brilliantly - Chapot put together a tight group of creative people who aren’t scared of a challenge.