Sisters Janssen 

We spoke to the Sisters Janssen. Two talented artist sisters Ziarah and Tisja. Born in Curaçao and living in Amsterdam. These cool sisters are inspiring everyone around them to build bridges and express themselves with their art.

1.Tell us a little something about yourself.” 

Tisja: Sisters Janssen is founded by me and my sister Ziarah, a platform we created to combine our passions to inspire and motivate by visually communicating our beliefs.

We felt we needed to tell our story together - to create together, make our own rules. Create more from our roots- being mixed. We combine two minds into one piece, the mind of a painter and the mind of a conceptual artist.

We believe and strive for an inclusive and colourful future in every sense of the word.



2. “When did you start with Sisters Janssen, and how was it to sell your first artwork?”

Ziarah: I started showing my art to a bigger crowd only a couple of months ago. My paintings were always something I’d kept for myself and my close friends and family. My biggest fans: my parents were my first buyers! They bought a self-portrait I made during this pandemic.  But I must say that my brother was the first one that asked if I could make him a painting. This also was a very special piece and gave me the confidence I needed.

As for the Sisters, we started working together around the black lives matter movements. A time that was full of grief and indignant but also full of inspiration and creative movements. We started questioning our own identity and wanted to create from what’s within. We both worked for several years in the creative industry where we had to deal with a lack of inclusivity. With Sisters, we try to shift the focus, first to the black women’s beauty and eventually to all women’s beauty. In every shape, in every colour. Our first collaboration was with Ganni, it was a beautiful moment to realize that with our creative practice we can let our voice be heard.  

3. “What are your main sources of inspiration?”

The woman, in every shape and colour. Our mother, artist Helen Martina, the legendary Nina Simone and our icon Rihanna.

We asked these super talented sisters to create some pieces inspired on our AW'20 collection. See the smashing results in the pictures used in this interview.

"With Sisters, we try to shift the focus, first to the black women's beauty and eventually to all women's beauty. In every shape, in every colour."

4. “Can you tell us a little something about the process of creating a piece?”

Every time it’s different but it all starts by exploring our inspiration. Usually, a certain belief, movement, artist, woman or brand inspires us to create. We collect all kinds of visuals and materials connected to that inspiration. Then Ziarah starts her painting process and Tisja her conceptual process. We meet again in creating the final piece. Two minds into one piece.


5. “Any projects/art pieces that are special for you?”

For sure. Our new project “Female is heaven”. A project where we want to collaborate with our mom and capture all kinds of women in a beautiful way, combined with paint and handmade jewellery.

6. “Where can we see the “Sisters Janssen” in 3 years? Any showroom goals or artists you want to collaborate with?”

We would love to have our own space in Amsterdam - a space where we can combine our art and create new projects. Our dream is to do a project with Fenty by Rihanna because she really works with an inclusive team and we would love to see that more in the fashion world.


7. “Can you describe your own style? And how does this match with Fabienne Chapot?”

We would say we have that black unique style that mixes that fuse of being born in Curaçao, raised in the Netherlands, living in Amsterdam. It’s young, funky, expressive, dynamic, catchy, bold and feminine… We think that the colourfulness and the female side of FC really matches our style. It’s very outspoken, just like our art!


Fabienne Chapot in one word?”


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