Self-Made Summit

Our founder and CEO Fabienne was invited to speak at the Self-Made Summit. This is the business event for ambitious women looking for business growth, personal development and inspiration, organized by Hashtag Workmode. Fabienne spoke about how you can keep your business going in difficult times, how you can inspire your team with positive thinking and how to be optimistic businesswise. A few highlights from the event. 

Positive entrepreneurship by Fabienne Chapot

“I am an opportunist in life and as a CEO. I always focus on the positive.”


“It's okay to make mistakes, that's why I'm not afraid of it”


"Give it your all and if it doesn't work, it's okay. You can only do your best. "

“If you believe in something, don’t make up 100 reasons why it wouldn’t work, think about 100 reasons why it will work.”

A peacock party!

During the event the entire team of the Self-Made Summit was dressed in our autumn-winter '20 collection.