Insights from our Sustainability Manager, Susan!

Hi Susan, could you introduce yourself? How did you become a Sustainability Manager at Fabienne Chapot?

My name is Susan and I work as Sustainability Manager and Product Developer at Fabienne Chapot. I started as a Product Developer almost 3 years ago and grew with the brand into a more sustainable journey. This took a deep dive almost 2 years ago when we signed the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garment and Textile. I split my time between developing the collection (with our designers and the other product developers) and focusing on how we can take further steps to become a more sustainable brand.

Which achievement are you most proud of?

RPET. One big achievement right from the beginning was that, together with our partner Waste2Wear, we were able to change two fabrics of the 2019 winter collection into a more sustainable, recycled fabric. We made all samples of this collection in regular polyester and were able to change this into recycled polyester for production. This fabric is made out of post-consumer plastic bottles. The first time we got the fabric, I was blown away by the result! The fabric looks and feels exactly the same. I am really proud that we made the investment to change this. Now everyone in the development and design team is aware and it’s almost normal for us to make our polyester items out of recycled polyester. This is a huge change compared to the way we worked two years ago.  

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"Now everyone in the development and design team is aware and it's almost normal for us to make our polyester items out of recycled polyester."

What is your favourite RPET style?  

My favourite style in recycled polyester is the Claire skirt. This was the first skirt we did in recycled polyester and it is a winner! The fabric is very soft with a nice drape. This skirt is a good fit for every body-type. I love wearing it with sneakers and a t-shirt during the summer.

Do you have any nice tips for a sustainability journey at home?

Yes, I would love to give you a few simple tips to do your part:

1. When you have special occasions, try to rent your clothes instead of buying them. Did you know that you can also rent Fabienne Chapot items at Spinning Closet? Check the items here!

2. The Dutch eBay (Marktplaats) and thrift stores. They are my best friends when I want to change something in my interior. It is more sustainable and you save money.

3. An easy one; separating your waste. There are some discussions about wether it really makes sense but I think it does. If it is not for the planet, it is for your own consciousness. I think when you are more aware of it, you will also think about it with other things.

4. Minimise your food waste. Just buy what you really need and be creative with what is already in your fridge. You can easily make a loaf of banana bread, smoothie, or curry with the leftover veggies and fruit.

5. Use reusable products. You have to invest once, but it really helps to minimise your waste. For example, a reusable water bottle, reusable makeup remover pads or food huggers.

6. Buy seasonal fruits and veggies. A lot of energy is used to grow them outside of their season or to transport them from far. You can check the website Groente & Fruit calendar (Milieu Centraal) and make more conscious decisions.

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