Secrets In The Sun

Secrets in the Sun

We bring you our Spring Summer collection, inspired by the jet-setters of the 60s & 70s. The places they went to, the experiences they had, and their influence on the sleepy towns which were brought to life by their lavish lifestyle.

"We love the clash between quiet, untouched holiday locations being visited by glamorous party lovers. What we took from that was the idea of the collection containing natural elements: fabrics like cotton or linen, and a clash with bright prints, colour, sequins or embellishments."

Socialites on the move

Follow our party lovers as they galavant around the world, chasing the sun and the good times. We start in Marrakesh during the swinging 60s, before jetting off to Ibiza in the 70s disco era. After that, we visit Acapulco’s Golden Era, and finally we finish this collection in the a vibrant yet relaxed Caribbean.