Fleurs de Mer 

All prints of Fabienne Chapot are drawn by hand by our talented print designers. This means that not only the collection has a background story, but also the prints in it. Not everything is what it seems at first sight. Discover the story behind the Fleurs de Mer print.


The Fleurs de Mer print is inspired by vintage 1960s textiles: hand-sketched daisies with signature heart-shaped leaves seam to undulate under water, in a contemporary bright purple and cream harmony. The print also includes the delicate shells hidden amongst the flowers! You may recognize the daisy since it is also present in some of our other SS22 prints. The cream background is from our own pantone swatch called Crème Brûlée which gives it a chic feeling. The print is hand drawn by our print designer Stéphane Barbier. You can see this is the way the flowers are sketches and little pencil stripes are still visible in the flowers and shells.