Spring/Summer '22

Electric Feels


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Imagine yourself diving into the deepest ocean, there is a world down below the surface we don’t even know. This collection is inspired on the dark underbelly of the ocean which is dappled by the sun flickering through the water. This is where our colour palette was created, black and crème brullee with contrasting sapphire green and lovely lilac. Those colors are like the sun casting light on forgein elements, lighting them up and in a flash they are hidden again.

  1. Cream Tulip

    The Tulip print is inspired by abstract patterns on the seabed, flora & fauna, which resulted in a collection full of mysterious prints yet full of life. The print contains a Dutch twist since Fabienne Chapot is established in Amsterdam

  1. Black Tulip

    Our color card of Black, Crème Brulée, Pearly Pink and Loving Lilac reflects the enigma that lies beneath the ocean’s surface.

  1. Playful Knits

    Our Pre-Spring collection is full of playful knits, cuddly yet chic. Discover puffy sleeves, floral elements and statement details.

  1. Black Daisy

    Deep black combined with joyful Daisies reflect the sentiment of the collection. Contrasting colours mixed-up with uplifting prints, mysterious yet lovable.