Spring/Summer '22

Deep Dive


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For this chapter we got inspired by Japanese Ama pearl divers & South Korean deep divers. These women dive deep into the ocean, holding their breath for up to 3 minutes at a time. They spend hours in the water - diving for treasures in the ocean bed – pearls & fish, showing physical strength and durability.

  1. Mellow Yellow

    We wonder what is it like to spend so long in the water and is there a special bond these women have? In this chapter, we are inspired by their wetsuits. We love the combination of strong & practical with bold & feminine. This is where our Jet Set Flowers have originated.

    Earthy hues of Terracotta & Mellow Yellow are brought to life with shots of Pearly Pink & Pink Beret. Guaranteed conversation starters.

  1. Heart To Get

    Signature hearts given an update on cotton poplin – a fresh new fabric for the collection. Discover voluminous shapes and elegant details to brighten up your mood. We also brought back our forever crush, a classic Leopardo print. Find smaller prints next to these bold Leopardo and scattered heart prints, guaranteed to lift your mood.