Autumn/Winter '22

Como Loco


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Travel with us to Lake Como, the foot of the Italian and Swiss mountains. Slim Aaron's vintage photographs got us inspired, he captured holidaymakers sunbathing at luxurious hotels set by the water’s edge.

  1. Como Loco

    We envisioned a little Italian paradise where these holidaymakers sat on classic dining terraces overlooking the shimmering blue lake whilst trying the greatest Italian specialties - all in all, La Dolce Vita.

  1. Luxurious Flowers

    Our pre-fall collection comes to life with prints inspired by flowers at the edge of Lake Como. Bring these bright styles with you on your summer holiday.

  1. Purple Promise & Sassy Sage

    The colour palette will instantly bring you to the perfect Como Loco spot. Purple Promise is inspired by Purple Rain flowers which you can find everywhere around the lake. Sassy Sage comes from the classic textiles on terraces by the lake. Oh and Tyrol Turquoise is a hint to the next drop, are you ready for that?