Autumn/Winter '22

Bourgeois Ski


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Bourgeois ski is a celebration of a bygone era, when the elite took ski holidays in the '60s, carrying their skis on top of fancy cars on the slopes.

  1. Blue Meadow

    We loved Slim Aarons' images from his series "Apres ski" of these holidaymakers on extravagant ski trips. There were waiters dressed in tailored suits carrying their drinks on the slopes.

    The Blue Meadow print transports you to the heart of the Swiss alps, on a dreamy bed of wild ice flowers and heart-shaped leaves.

  1. Black Blossom

     They stayed in cozy wooden chalets, curled up by the log fire watching the snowfall. This magical feeling led to a collection full of pieces that will instantly give you that holiday spirit.

    They were wearing classic sweaters and suits. This wintery floral "Black blossom" was inspired by a 1970s colorful shirt we found during one of our vintage treasure hunts. It made us think of the traditional wallpapers on the walls of these wooden chalets.

  1. Snowballs

    Snowballs is inspired by memories of walking amidst thick, cottony snowflakes at night, that beautiful contrast between the snow’s pure white against a deep black backdrop.