Jet Set Flowers

The story behind...

All our prints are in-house crafted by hand. In this article, we're telling you more about our Fuji & Jet Set Flower print created by our designer Henriette Tilanus.

Pearl divers

Let us tell you about Korean & Japanese Ama pearl divers, these women are our biggest inspiration for our Fuji & Jet Set Flower print. Diving deep into the ocean, holding their breath for up to 3 minutes at a time. They spend hours in the water - diving for treasures in the ocean bed – pearls & fish. These women wear vests with beautiful floral prints over their wetsuits which were the starting point for this most-wanted floral print.

Hand-drawn flowers

The floral print on the vests of the pearl divers made our designer Henriette think of '70s floral wallpapers. The vests and wallpaper were her inspiration for this print. She started drawing the flowers by hand and uploaded the sketches digitally to create the final Fuji & Jet Set Flower print.

Fabienne Chapot hues

Our designers are always looking for the perfect hues. Henriette curated the perfect Fabienne Chapot colour palette for this which resulted in a funky floral print.

Discover the Fuji & Jet Set Flowers

The Jet Set Flowers are printed on shiny cotton and contain all colours of our "Fleur de Sel" collection. The Fuji Flowers, printed on cotton stretch fabrics are a bit toned down like they are faded by the sun.