Jazzy Zebra

All prints of Fabienne Chapot are drawn by hand by our talented print designers. This means that not only the collection has a background story, but also the prints in it. Not everything is what it seems at first sight. Discover the story behind the Jazzy Zebra print.


The Jazzy Zebra print is inspired by the reflections of the ocean and the way the wind makes shapes in the sand on the beach. After a couple of versions, the black and beige colour combo came out as the strongest, also keeping in mind that it was going to be partially an animal print. This sand colour was the base for the background of this print and has multiple tones. The print is hand painted by Henriette Tilanus, one of our print designers at FC. You can notice the brush strokes that are still clearly visible from painting. This and the different tones of beige gives the print more layers and depth.