Image Library - Settings Explained

Watch the video and follow the steps below to easily create a shortcut: 

  1. Open the Google Drive file using the shared link in the email. 
  2. Click on Shared with me in the top left corner.  
  3. Select the files or folders you want to create a shortcut to.  
  4. Right-click the selected files or folders > Add shortcut to Drive.  
  5. Choose a folder.  
  6. Click Add Shortcut.  

The search function is now enabled.  In the search bar at the top you can type the name of the item and it will show you all the different photo’s of this specific item.  

  • Pack shots  
  • Model shots  
  • Campaign shots  

Download images 

Select the desired images. This can be done easily with the following shortcuts: 

  • Apple: Shift + Cmd  
  • Microsoft: Ctrl  

Then click your right mouse button --> download.