The atelier of Fabienne Chapot

We highly value artistry and craftsmanship. We would love to celebrate the talent of the artist with you. All our prints are carefully created in-house by hand. Come into our world, where each print tells its own story, brought to life through the hands of our print designers.


Stéphane Barbier: “When we begin working on a print we always have a picture in our head, but we always welcome and encourage ‘mistakes’ and unexpected turns that make the result surprising and uplifting.”


“We try to use as many different techniques as possible, from ink and watercolour to acrylic paint and coloured pencils. The nature of the print itself (whether it’s a romantic floral or a graphical geometric) often leads in choosing the technique. Sometimes we purposefully look for a clash between a print’s pre-determined style and its technique: in the case of the Lovely Love print, the hard contrast of the black ink treatment with the sweetness of the subject brings a playfulness which is a trademark of the Fabienne Chapot handwriting.”

Henriette Tilanus: “I started creating the Sunny Flowers print by drawing a variety of sunflowers. A first naturalistic drawing turned into a simplified and sunny novelty. The Sunny flower print is made with gouache paint. It is an ode to the strength and positive energy of the sun.”

From drawing to print...

Part two of the design process

“We scan our original drawings and play around with scale, composition and colours. We use applications to make a ‘repeat’, which is a digital file we will send to our suppliers. They will use those files to print our fabrics. The digital phase is as equally important as the drawing phase, because that’s when we experiment with colour. There again, we welcome unexpected mishaps: an accidental colour choice, a random digital effect. A single drawing can produce dozens of different possibilities once you start playing with size, rotation and the endless colour spectrum.”

Each print is unique and lays the foundation of pieces you're craving to have and wear forever. 

Watch the making of...