FC Art 

Introducing our very first collection of FC Art. Three series of iconic prints brought to your home in a new way.

The prints are an homage to the craftsmanship of our handmade prints and our ever-growing fascination for flowers and animals, which is embedded into our DNA. 

As we are spending most of our time at home these days, it is oh-so-important to make home your happy place. These blooming pieces might just be the perfect companion to brighten up your home. Think of this as gifting yourself or someone you love a much-deserved bouquet, but one that will last a lifetime.

The only tricky part? Picking your favourite(s)!

Price poster €39,99

+ (optional) elegant wooden frame €24,99


The prints are created in-house by our talented print designers Stéphane Barbier, Henriette Tilanus, and graphic designer Kertu Sertikov.

Our design hero Stéphane Barbier, about the creation process:

“We at Fabienne Chapot value craftsmanship above anything else. Each print in our collection is designed from drawings and paintings that are made by hand in our Amsterdam design studio. We wanted to show those original hand-made artworks because they are beautiful in their own right. Singled out then re-arranged in exclusive new compositions, they tell the story of our collections from an arty point-of-view.”

"I loved the collaboration between marketing and design for this project and transforming our DNA prints in a way we haven't done before by making them come to life with typographic compositions." - Kertu Serikov, Graphic Designer 

Chapot series 

A marriage of different techniques and experiments flows through these three prints. The unexpected shapes that ink forms on paper and the controlled strokes of acrylic and markers come together with a typographic composition that weaves through the artworks. This pays homage to the hidden elements in our prints, which sometimes contain an iconic shape, our brand name or the collection’s inspiration references. The delicately bold typography blends into the drawings, forming an abstract combination of graphic design and illustrations.



Formation series

This series depicts elements from FC prints that have become embedded into our DNA over the years such as flower and animal motifs. The hand-painted strokes and layered compositions showcase the craftsmanship of our prints whilst the bold, modern typography juxtaposes the subtlety and femininity of the artwork. The subtitles complete the story by referencing the research and different studies of elements that make up our FC print design process.


A Library of Feathers

A Walk Through the Meadow

An Imaginary Herbarium

Floral series

This series brings forward our ever-growing admiration for and study of flowers. An ever-changing and evolving take of the different techniques, shapes, and colours of the flora keeps our collections feminine season after season. The elegant ligature in the title font references typography from past eras and pairs perfectly with the more prominent and strong typeface, making the Floral Series the perfect embodiment of FC- honouring heritage, whilst always remaining contemporary.


A Private Bouquet No.1

A Private Bouquet No.2

A Private Bouquet No.3