Spring/Summer '22

Fleur de Sel


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In this chapter, we celebrate the craftsmen who work with their love of the ocean: the people who take the time to appreciate and be inspired by it and spend their lives seeing the sunrise and set each day by the water.

  1. Dress

    Sassy Sardines

    On the menu: Hot Coral, Ocean Blue & Saffron. Inspired by the 60's menu from Fonda Del Sol. We also got inspired by the chefs who cook mouthwatering meals, this is where our Sassy Sardines print originated. These handpainted sea creatures are a reflection of our craftsmanship.

    As well as our broderie Anglaise styles. These dreamy Cream White items finished with Ocean Blue colours and iconic heart details are an ode to the artisans who create beautiful folkloric embroideries passed through generations of craftsmanship.

  1. Blouse
  2. Trousers

    Shrimp Cocktail

    The long-waited Shrimp Cocktail print is here to brighten up your wardrobe! This funky print on delicate chiffon will signify this summer look. But find also our bold Fern Broderie print on broderie Anglaise in this chapter. Imagine yourself sitting down by the water, listening to the sea and the smell of salty air, this is the simplistic life we talk off.

  3. Dress