Autumn/Winter '22

Mount Chapot


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Let us take you to the heart of the alps at the end of the summer season: Alpine villages and wildflower valleys.

  1. Autumn Garden

    There is a sweet naiveness to the simple life in the valley. Come and discover our very own autumn garden. Inspired by classic botanical drawings, this stunningly unique placement print combines luscious leaves and mountain flowers with some signature Fabienne Chapot heart-shaped detailing.

  1. Betty Bloom

    We imagined days spent on scenic train journeys or long walks exploring the pinewoods & fields filled with Betty bloom. During this trip, you'll come across small villages with tourist shops filled with postcards, pretzels in the shapes of hearts and traditional Tyrol folk knitwear.

  1. Very Berry

    Picture typical wooden chalets surrounded by green rolling pastures, the snowy mountaintops visible all the time. This is where our Very Berry print came to life, at the valley of the hills. In the tradition of Fabienne Chapot’s iconic prints, we hand-sketched a raspberry that mingles with soft leaves and heart-shaped berries.