Autumn/Winter '21

Into the unknown


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In a new territory, our muse rides along a landscape characterized by undulating hills and winding roads. We imagine her traveling at sunset, as shades of fresh citron and saffron yellow are set against strong blacks and warm cognacs. Her adventurous spirit is reflected in the bold collection: striking prints with matching accessories, beautiful new dress silhouettes, and a statement embroidered pieces.

  1. Sunset Flowers

    Sunset Flowers

    Our wide rib cord suit in saffron is an eye-catching look, worn together with the sunset sunflower print. These hand-painted sunflowers in different tones of yellow are inspired by evening walks through summery fields in the Dordogne. The glowing sunset light bathes the landscape in a warm, romantic light. Discover conscious rPet styles in feminine silhouettes and step in fields of flowers.

  1. Strings of Love

    Strings of Love

    Loveable silhouettes and a subtle touch of silver details to instantly uplift any look. Strings of Love is inspired by antique jewelry, delicate flowers and heart-shaped leaves form playful garlands. They grow upwards as a symbol of hope and warmth.

  1. Confetti


    Statement yet wearable, this keylook has us mesmerized. Combine our updated statement Boho blouses with ruffled sleeves and finish it with the embroidered shearling James Gilet. A subtle colour block party made from conscious mesh is here to finish the look. Inspired by night-time pictures of fireworks, this multi-colour print is made of hand-drawn little stars and hearts, two staples of the Fabienne Chapot handwriting.

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