Autumn/Winter '21

The grand finale


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Our muse comes to the end of her journey: a grand finale that ends at a party in a castle. Celebrating amongst locals and new friends, she is the star of the show as she feels carefree and the strongest, she has ever been. She dances all night wrapped in dazzling gold lurex which shimmers in the moonlight amd makes a bold yet sensual statement. Flowers fill the room, lit by candlelight and casting shadows on the walls. Flowy dresses, ruffled details and 3D embroideries elevate the collection to reflect the sentiment of the party.


  1. Midnight Bloom

    Midnight Bloom

    It’s time to put some spark into this season. Gold shimmering lurex jacquards signify this grand finale. Burnt orange sunsets will turn into magical night skies with bright shining stars. Discover ruffled blouses and flowy dresses with a little see-through for a sensual touch.

  1. Dress

    Fab Floral

    We’ve got you covered for the upcoming festive season. Fab Florals are a party on itself and will instantly take over the room. Flowy fabrics establish a marvelous look and can be completed with corduroy trousers in bold Cobalt blues. Be aware, this eclectic look will turn out into a forever favourite.

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