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Coming home to the country house

This collection is inspired by a sophisticated woman, who comes home after years of exciting world trips, to the estate where she grew up in. We will gladly take you to her country house in the English countryside, where she will spend the winter and return to her base. 



The garden

We arrive in the garden. The place where she re-connects with nature and all its beauty. Elements of the garden and nature are expressed in the hand-painted flower and butterfly prints in subtle hues from the blue-green spectrum, freshened up with the English rose. 



The barn

Autumn invites us to go from the outside to the inside. Inspired by wooden elements from the barn, you can see the warmth reflected in long dresses with high boots and fine layers in cognac, taupe and aubergine tones.



The house

The ultimate winter feeling: on the leather couch, with a steaming mug and a blanket, cozied up by the fireplace, is translated into comfortable knitted pants, long cardigans in warm bronze and rust tones alongside cognac and mustard hues.