AW21 inspiration

Discover the inspiration for our Autumn Winter ’21 collection: “En Route”. This collection takes us on an imaginary journey inspired by a fictive strong iconic woman, who travels the world solo on a motorcycle. Inspired by her journey, we imagined a woman who is daring and courageous with a cool attitude.  She wore beautiful feminine dresses and layered sweaters and jackets over the top. Impressions of landscapes and the different people she meets develop our muse: from young, carefree & curious, to a brave & independent woman. A soul-searching world tour that impacts her own personal style. 

Source: Pinterest

High hopes

During the last warm days of summer, with the sun casting long shadows through palm trees, she spends days with friends outdoors, by fields of flowers. Still amongst familiar faces, she is busy finding inspiration for her trip & planning destinations, plotting in her journal by day, and relaxing with friends in the evening. Towards the end of summer, as she says goodbyes to her friends, her curiosity gets stronger.  Our strong, gutsy muse is ready to go on her motorbike to explore the world and discover herself.  

Her carefree, independent attitude is captured in the feminine silhouettes & floral prints of her wardrobe. Her optimism shines in bright colours: emerald greens & lovely pinks, and her notebook is full of bold black & white sketches.  Classic wrap dresses or elegant midi skirts with feminine tops and colourful knitwear, are effortless pieces that she wears every day now.  

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The path ahead

Our muse starts out on her journey, traveling alone, across vast rugged landscapes.  Anything is possible now, her story is just beginning.   

She travels long distances along dusty roads and loves the feeling of the wind running through her hair.  The colour of the landscape & endless skies inspire our colour card of cognac, cobalt & sky blue. The freehand drawings in her notebook are loose & romantic, reflecting the sense of freedom she feels as she grows in independence.   

She combines her feminine printed items with her favourite denims or corduroy flares.  Feminine bohemian blouses and scallop-detailed dresses are a perfect contrast to the toughness of her motorcycle.  By the roadside she finds some wildflowers, and presses them in her sketchbook as a memento of this special trip.  Loose floral illustrations on beautiful lurex woven fabrics are inspired by the sketches she makes.  Our collection of denim with embroideries adds a dreamy & nostalgic vibe.  A new animal print in floaty viscose georgette is a compliment to her rugged denims and tough boots.  

Source: Pinterest

Into the unknown

In a new territory, our muse rides along a landscape characterized by undulating hills and winding roads.   We imagine her traveling at sunset, as shades of fresh citron and saffron yellow are set against strong blacks and warm cognacs.  A picture postcard kept in her sketchbook of sunflowers back home, signed by her best friends, gives her courage and fuels her sense of adventure.  By the campfire at night, she mixes with other travelers, and plays cards with them, fascinated by their tales of places they have been. A local guitar player sings in the background as she gazes wistfully into the flickering light.   

Her adventurous spirit is reflected in the bold collection: striking prints with matching accessories, beautiful new dress silhouettes, and a statement embroidered shearling gilet.  Our statement boho blouses get an update with a ruffled sleeve, definitely a conversation starter. 

Source: Pinterest

Floating memories

We imagined our muse to travel beside a vast lake,  full and abundant with bright water lilies in mesmerizing shades of green. The water reflects the colours of the hills, trees & flowers, ripples of teal green and pops of mint and lovely pink.  Her wardrobe is beautifully elegant: we imagine her wearing flattering midi lengths in bold sumptuous prints,  and layering over puff sleeve knits and jackets in beautiful rich colourful tones. Our special cupro jacquard fabric is a beautiful ode to the flowers at the edge of the lake, in the shadows of the hills.   

Gazing out over the water, she reflects on her journey so far: her heart is full of the people she has met and places she has seen. She is furthest from home she has ever been and feels empowered by her achievement.   

Source: Pinterest

The grande finale

Our muse comes to the end of her journey: a grand finale that ends at a party in a castle.  Celebrating amongst locals and new friends, she is the star of the show as she feels carefree and the strongest she has ever been.  The moon & stars shine bright, set amongst a moody black & blue sky.  Flowers fill the room, lit by candlelight and casting shadows on the walls.   

We use colours like black, cobalt & rusty orange, and touches of gold lurex to set a bold yet sensual tone.  Our blouses and dresses with little ruffles are effortlessly elegant.  Lurex jacquards and viscose crepe with 3d embroidery details elevate the collection to reflect the sentiment of the party. 



Source: Pinterest